How To Make A Green Home: Upgrades

Posted by Megan Bialas- Marketing Coordinator on January 24, 2018

Building a new home can be easy to make the sustainable upgrades you dream of- but it is far MORE environmentally friendly to upgrade a home that already exists. You will use less materials, and you won’t have to break new ground- meaning more of our greenspace can stay greenspace! PLUS upgrading to energy efficient materials can qualify you for a Tax Rebate!

Below are the average costs of upgrading a standard home to a more sustainable option:

Windows: Compared to a single pane window upgrading to energy rated windows can save you an average of 25% of your energy bill! Average cost to replace windows: $300-$700/window (depends on size)


Image Source: David Johnson Architects

Insulation: Upgrading your attic insulation alone can decrease loss of heat by up to 80%. Average Cost: $2000 (for professional installation)


Image Source: The Natos

Plumbing: Toliet flushing accounts for around 30% of a households water use- switching to a low flow toilet can save an average of 4 gallons of water PER FLUSH! Average cost of low flow toilet: $400


Image Source: Ebizby Design

Appliances: Many appliance companies now make energy efficient lines. Average cost of energy efficient appliaces: STOVE/OVEN: $1400 FRIDGE: $1000 WASHER/DRYER: $2000


Image Source: Meredith Corporation

Lighting: The electricity we use to light our houses can be traced back to cause 20% of carbon emissions contributing to green house gases. Changing to LED lightbulbs is a great step, but ensuring recessed lighting is well insulated, and burnt out light bulbs are recycled properly is equally as important. Average Cost of LED bulbs: $6.00/bulb (lasts 50,000 hours = 6 years)


Image Source: Best of DIY

Landscaping: This is often forgotten with high tech upgrades coming to mind first. Something as simple as planting native greenery, or reducing storm water run off (re-using grey water for landscaping) can make a huge difference! This work can be done yourself for FREE


Image Source: Jolene’s Gardening


Check Out This Link To Learn More About Alberta Tax Rebates:

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